No.                           of 200


Appellant/s, Petitioner/s,                                              Defendant/s, Respondent/s

Plaintiff/s, Complainant/s,                      Vs              Accused/Judgement – Debtors

Decree – Holder/Caveator                                            Opponents/



_________________________________ the ___________________________________

Nos_________________________________in the above matter here by appoint and

retain Sri________________________________________________________________



to appear act and plead for me us in the above matter and to conduct/prosecute and defend the same in the interlocutory or miscellaneous proceedings connected with the same or with any decree or orders passed therein appeals and or other proceedings arising there from and also in proceedings for review of judgement and for leave to appeal to Supreme Court and to obtain return of any documents filed therein, or receive any money which may be payable to me/us.


2.   I/We hereby authorise him/them on my/our behalf to enter into a compromise in the above matter, to execute any decree/order therein to appeal from any decree/order therein and to appeal to act to plead in such appeal in any preferred by any other party from any decree/other therein.


I/We further agree that if I/We fail to pay the fees agreed upon or to give due instructions at all stages/he they is/are at liberty to retire from the case and recover all amounts due to him/them and retain all my-our monies till such dues are paid.


Executed by me/us this ……………… day of …………200….at………………




Executants/are personally known to me and he/has/they have signed before us


Satisfied as to identify of executant/s Signature/s

(where the executant/s are illiterate, blind or unacquainted with the language of vakalath)


Certified, that the contents were explained to the executant/s in my presence in….

language known to him/them who appear/s perfectly to understand the same and has/have signed in the presence.


Accepted                                                         Address for service

______________________________                        ______________________________

______________________________                        ______________________________


Advocate for

Place :

Date :

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