Second Opinion


  • Ever wondered why your case has been taking a long time, 10 years up and you do not know where your matter is heading, although you have spent a lot of money in it?
  • You know that the law provides for quick relief but you are unable to get that relief?
  • Do you think you have the right lawyer and is the lawyer applying the right strategy?

If your answer to the above is YES, then you should consider obtaining a second opinion from our legal experts.

A lawsuit can be similar to a heart surgery you never know what is going to happen before you enter the ICU because you have to trust the doctor’s decisions. Most individuals prefer taking a second medical opinion to understand the complexities of the heart before a false operation is performed on them resulting in heart failure. Similarly, a lawyer-client relationship is based on trust, it is often hard for a person or company to know whether their attorney is adopting the right strategy for your case and if you think your lawyer’s ability leaves something to be desired, its best to investigate before it is too late. An individual must always remember that once a case is damaged in its early stages, the damage cannot be undone.

Some valid reasons to pursue a Second Legal Opinion are:

  • You want to ensure that you are on the right track in your case
  • You want to ensure that you made the right decision to file a case or you are wasting time and money
  • You suspect improper, incompetent, or insufficient handling of a case by your current lawyer
  • You think your lawyer has colluded with the opposite party
  • You think your lawyer has some conflict of interest in the case
  • Your case is pending from several years with adjournments after adjournments with no significant explanation from your lawyer
  • You have been spending a lot of money on your case but you are not able to see any results and progress on the case and you do not see value for the money spent on a lawyer.
  • Your Lawyer does not seem conversant with the area of law or the legal complexities involved with your case. e.g. your lawyer specializes in criminal law but is dealing with your property case also.
  • You are unable to get answers regarding your case or do not see any clear strategy from your lawyer about the case.
  • Your lawyer is offering you to settle the case but you do not agree with it
  • Your lawyer has suggested that an appeal on a judgment against you and you want to know your chances.

The outcome of getting a Second Opinion might be that your attorney is right or could be incompetent in handling the matter or he could be correct and you may get added inputs.

If you are concerned about how your attorney is preparing or pursuing your case, it may be in your best interest to receive a second opinion from our legal experts. Our attorneys review all aspects of the legal proceedings and advise you on whether or not your case is being properly handled.

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