Title means ownership of right to property which is legally enforceable. While purchasing a property, it is necessary that a buyer consults a lawyer, as he is the only person who will be able to tell whether a property has a clear and absolute title without any hassles. Investigation means finding the actual existence of this owner in all government records.


Below are some merits of investigating property title:-

1. To identify the rightful owner of the property

2. To get evidence of right of ownership

3. Identify the grounds of rights of ownership

4. To identify whether the seller himself has the right to sell

5. To understand the succession in transfer of property

6. To authenticate the documents related to the property

7. To verify the type and nature of land; as to whether the land concerned is urban, commercial agricultural or converted.

8. To avoid the risk of fake documents

9. To ensure the property is in the name of the seller only

10. To check if he property is free from lien, mortgages, and encumbrances

11. To know if the taxes are paid up to date

12. To be sure that said property is free from legal conflicts

13. Verification of restrictions, if any, relating to land granted, etc including restrictions in respect of land granted to members of the SC/STs.

14. To Acquire the right to have and to get possession

15. To Have right to prevent interference by others

16. To possess tranquil right of the property

17. To have the unperturbed liberty of changing its form and even destroying it

18. To understand if the property or any portion of it has been notified under Land Acquisition Act for public purposes.

19. To understand if any claim is pending against the property

20. To know if the property is marked for any zone development

21. To Asses the market value of the property

22. To know if the property is individually owned or jointly owned


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