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Bengaluru Legal Corner

Criminal Case registered against Builder for non-formation of Apartment Association as required under S.10 of the Karnataka Ownership Flats Act, 1972. Click to read more

Legal Tips

Legal Tip No. 77
Personal Liability of Directors- I
If the number of members of a public company is reduced below 7 or of a private company reduced below 2 and carries on business far more than 6 months.

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Bank Law Helpline

Dealing with demand notices, possession & sale of properties by banks under Securitisation Act, Click to learn more

Startup Helpline

From determining when & how to set up a company, to negotiating co-founder or employee agreements, and determining equity for employees, Law firm Bangalore help entrepreneurs find solutions to legal issues faced by start-ups.

Start-Up Helpline

Areas of Expertise


Ownership by a person or entity as a rightful owner who can succeed, sell, lien, mortgage the property with the help of authentic documents so as to avoid legal conflicts and interference from others.

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Legal landmarks

A decision made by the Supreme Court or by any Lower Courts which had significant issues and has been decided giving legal protection, which forms a part of the legal precedent.

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Economics Offences

1. Provident Fund & ESI.
2. Electricity.
3. Tax, Excise &customs.
5. Bail, Defence & prosecution.
6. Cheating, Forgery, Extortion,
7. Banks.

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Argued Cases

The world of law is evolving. At, M.G. Kumar Law Firm we work at the forefront of our profession, breaking new ground and shaping an industry. Here’s some of our argued cases