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Economic Offences

1.    Provident Fund & ESI.
2.    Electricity.
3.    Tax, Excise &customs.
4.    FEMA
5.    Bail, Defence & prosecution.
6.    Cheating, Forgery, Extortion,
7.    Banks.

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Start-Up Helpline

India has always been a home to the largest number of entrepreneurs in the world. A recent survey conducted by Startup Genome, revealed that Bangalore is a hot-spot in India for every entrepreneur and proving its credibility has shown an immense rise in start-ups. Hence, popularly termed as Startup capital of India. Prarambh is a legal support service for start-ups not only in Bangalore but also start-ups across India. From determining when and how to set up a company, to negotiating co-founder agreements or employee agreements, and determining equity for employees, we help you entrepreneurs to find solutions to legal issues faced by start-ups.

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Ownership by a person or entity as a rightful owner who can succeed, sell, lien, mortgage the property with the help of authentic documents so as to avoid legal conflicts and interference from others.

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Legal landmarks

A decision made by the Supreme Court or by any Lower Courts which had significant issues and has been decided giving legal protection, which forms a part of the legal precedent.

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Bank Law Helpline

If you want to know how to deal with demand notices, possession & sale of properties by banks under Securitisation Act. Contact Us for further info.

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