Legal Management

Today most businesses and corporates require regular professional legal services on various issues on day-to-day basis including consultation, issuing notices, responding to legal notices, advice on documents, drafting and vetting of contracts, employment related issues, statutory compliances, etc, or such to fulfil their legal requirements and protect their rights and investments.But when such Companies have limited resources not enough to accommodate a legal team in the guise of employment or provide legal training to their staff orengage lawyers by the hour, the best other alternative would be to engage a lawyer on retainership contract. The advantage is that while the conventional law firms charge high for a small amount of work, a legal team on retainership basis would be on the amount of work done. This is beneficial for firms and start-ups, some of whom train their employees to become legally competent.

We provide Legal Service Retainers as a part of our Legal Management Service. A Legal Services Retainership Agreementis a work for hire Contract; a Client Corporate may engage our Counsels for renderinga particular service (Part-time legal service) or Full-Time Legal Services or as discussed in the Agreement. A Retainer Counsel though working for the client would necessarily be retained as a part of M.G. Kumar Law Firm. The Client would be expected to pay a Retainer Fee to the Firm besides paying the Attorney’s expenses and costs for the Service discharged. Alternatively, the Client may opt to pay a Retainer Fee and a flat fee for all the services rendered. The Legal Services Retainership Agreement would contain the nature of services, cost of the service and outline the scope of such services.

Various benefits include: Regular Retainership Fee, No consultation fee by the hour, Weekly Reports, Unlimited drafting & vetting of contracts, Fixed fee for Litigation and Arbitration.

Schedule of Fees

1. Fee for effective hearing – High Court/ Trial Court/ Arbitration
2. Fee for effective hearing – High Court/ Trial Court/ Arbitration
3. Fee for Drafting (Filings)– Preparation of Petition/Plaint/Written Statement/interim Application/ Rejoinder/ Appeal/ Objections,etc
4. Fee for Drafting (Non- Filing) – Legal Notice/ Reply to Notices/Title Opinion
5. Legal Opinions
6. Mediation
7. Monthly Clerkage
8. Travel Expenses