1.    In the case of death or injury, due to hit and run motor vehicle accident, the Indian Govt/  has made provision for statutory compensation under Section-161 of Motor Vehicles Act.

2.    Central Government has framed solatium scheme 1989 for welfare of such hit and run accident victims.

3.    For death Rs. 25,000/- is payable.

4.    For injury Rs. 12,500/- is payable

5.    Victims must approach the concerned government tahsildar or collector for the claim.



1.    Under section 146 of the Motor Vehicle Act no motor vehicle can step on the road without insurance.
2.    U/S 196 of the M. V. Act driving uninsured vehicle is a punishable offence with imprisonment or fine or both.
3.    The necessity of compulsory motor vehicle insurance is made to cover risk against third parties, in case the motor vehicle is involved in accident and causes injury or death to any person/s . It also covers limited liability in respect of damage to any property of third party.
4.    Whenever an accident occurs because of a motor vehicle which is covered under third party’s insurance, then the motor vehicle owner shall be protected by the insurance company, against the claim for damages/ compensation by the accident victim.
5.    Further the accident victim who has suffered bodily injury/ death has a right to claim compensation from the motor vehicle which caused the accident
6.    Hence the vehicle owner/ driver is not liable to pay any money in case of accident from his pocket.
7.    Further the accident victim who has suffered injuries, etc need not proceed for claim of compensation by spot settlement or otherwise, because he can lodge a complaint and then claim for damages / compensation against the insurance company which has insured the vehicle with third party insurance.
8.    That most of the time it appears that people are not of their right under the insurance policy. The motor vehicle owner is not aware that his liability is protected by the insurance and he need not pay. Similarly the accident victim is not aware that if the accident report with vehicle number is reported with the police, it helps in tracing the owner and insurance company, for claiming damages/ compensation from the insurance company.