1.    Under Section 80 of the Karnataka Land Reforms Act, transfer of agricultural land to non-agriculturist is barred.
2.    Under Section 79(a) of the Act, no person whose individual or family annual non-agricultural income is not less than Rs. Two lakhs is entitled to acquire any land as owner, landlord, tenant or mortgagee, with possession by sale, gift, lease, will or succession.
3.    Further, unless the purchaser of agricultural land produces RTC of the land held by him, the Sub-Registrar shall not register the sale deed.
4.    In case a person whose income is less than Rs. Two lakhs per annum intends to purchase agricultural land, he must apply for permission to acquire before the Asst. Commissioner of the concerned area.
5.    Any land purchased or acquired in violation of Section 79(a) shall be null and void and the DEPUTY COMMISSIONER is empowered to transfer and vest the land with the state government, free from encumbrances.