1.    The State or Central Government can acquire a land in any locality provided the land is need for public purpose or for any company
2.    Before acquisition of a property, a preliminary notification U/s 4 of The Land Acquisition Act, 1894, that effect must be published in the official gazette and in two daily newspapers circulating in that locality of which at least one shall be in a regional language by the state government.
3.    Collector shall put up public notice at a convenient place in the said locality regarding acquisition of land.
4.    Without issuing notice or publication or notification, the land acquisition officer will not have any right to survey mark, draw boundaries and enter the lands of any persons.
5.    The land owner can file his objections against the acquisition of land within 30 days from the date of publishing the notification. The collector shall give the objector an opportunity of being heard. The decisions of the appropriate government on the objections shall be final.
6.    U/s 6 of the Act if a declaration is made by the appropriate government regarding requirement of land for public purpose or company, within one year. It shall be conclusive evidence that the land is needed for public purpose or company. Such Declaration shall be published in official gazette and in the local newspaper.
7.    After the declaration the collector may be directed by the government to take order for acquisition of the land.
8.    The collector then cause public notice, U/s 9 stating the government intends to take possession of the land and the claims for compensation can be made to him.
9.    The collector shall also serve the public notice to the land owners / occupiers / persons interested in the land / to the agents authorized to receive them if the interested person resides elsewhere, notice shall be sent post to his best known residence or place of business.
10.    Only if an award is passed, the collector will have right to take possession of the land and then the land shall vest absolutely in the government free from encumbrances.
11.    The collector shall make an award within a period of two years from the date of publication of declaration; if it is not made the entire acquisition procedure shall lapse.