A) When a Hindu son dies Intestate mother being the 1st class heir, she is entitled to equal share in his property along with the deceased’s son,  daughter, and widow.

B) When an unmarried Hindu son dies intestate, his entire property devolves on mother.

C) When unmarried daughter dies leaving behind her own property it shall devolve equally upon the mother along with father.



i) If a Hindu male dies inte-state and is survived by his Widow, Mother, Children or Grand Children or Great Grand Children or widow of Pre-deceased Son, his father shall have no share.

ii) Father is a Second class heir

iii) If the inte-state deceased son does not leave any first class heir (wife, mother, children, children of pre-deceased children, widow of pre-deceased son) then father inherits the entire estate.

iv) If an unmarried daughter dies inte-state father will inherit equally with mother. In the absence of mother, father inherits entire estate.

v) If a married daughter dies inte-state leaving her own property and in the absence of any child or child of pre-deceased child, husband or heirs of the husband, then father is entitled to ½ share along with the mother.

vi) When married daughter dies leaving behind the property inherited from her father or mother (not by will or gift) by inheritance on their death, then father’s heirs shall inherit the property (If the deceased has no son or daughter). Husband shall get no share in such property.


1) When wife dies intestate husband gets equal share along with son/s and daughter/s.

ii) In the absence of son or daughter husband gets entire property of the deceased wife.

iii) If the wife leaves property inherited from her mother or father (excluding property acquired by will or gift) husband shall have no share in such property.

iv)If the wife leaves property inherited from her husband or father-in-law in the absence of son or daughter it shall devolve upon the heirs of the husband.



Under Hindu law after 1956, if one of the two or more legal heirs propose to sell or transfer his or her share in the property or business inherited from father or mother, then the other heirs shall have a preferential right to acquire the interest/share in such property or business.