Legal Solutions

  • Can a Foreigner set up a Trust in India? How to?
  • I need to make a Rental/Lease Agreement with a foreign citizen, how do I go about?
  • How can a Foreigner buy property/ land in India?
  • Can a Foreigner be a director in a Company in India?
  • What is the limit prescribed for Foreigner contribution in India?
  • What persons are eligible to recieve foreign contribution in India?
  • How do I employ foreign staff in my company?
  • What are the regulations pertaining to issue of shares by Indian companies to foreign collaborators/ investors?
  • How do I prosecute a Director of a Foreign Company?
  • Is it mandatory for all Foreigners to register on arrival in India?
  • Foreign Technology Collaboration? How To?
  • Investment in Government Securities and Corporate debt?
  • Foreign Direct Investment and Doing Business in India?
  • What is the procedure for a foreigner to marry an Indian in India?
  • What is the procedure for one foreigner to marry another foreigner in India?
  • How can a Foreigner buy a property in India?
  • What is the procedure for a Foreigner to apply for Indian citizenship?
  • I am traveling to India, and require to carry certain Drug Substances (NDPS) for medical use as prescribed by my doctor on my visit to India. Is it permitted by law to carry the drug to India?

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