We broadly deal with:-

  1. Company Law
  2. Commercial Trade law
  3. Capital Market
  4. Company Contracts
  5. Winding – Up
  6. Amalgamation/Merger
  7. Reduction of Capital
  8. Companies offences
  9. Appeal against refusal to Transfer Shares.
  10. Registration of Charges.
  11. Release of Charges.
  12.  Rectification of Charges.
  13.  Foreclosure.
  14. Injunction against fraudulent person managing companies.
  15. Loan, Investment & Contracts.
  16. Removal of Managerial Personnel.
  17. Arbitration, Compromises, Arrangements & Construction
  18. Recovery of Company Assets.
  19. Recovery of Fixed Deposits.
  20. Prevention of Oppression & mismanagement.
  21. Acquisition & Take over

Corporate Lawyers in Bangalore

Cognizance of Corporate Offence

Corporate Lawyers in Bangalore can help you if Courts can take cognizance of any offence under the Companies Act 1956, only on the complaint in writing by the Registrar of Companies or a Share Holder or any person appointed by the Central Government.

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