Best criminal lawyer in Bangalore have dealt with Crimes in Sessions Courts, Criminal Appeals in High Court as well as Supreme Court Appeals broadly relating to:-

  1. Domestic Abuse
  2. Sexual Abuse
  3. Restraining Orders
  4. Narcotics
  5. Manslaughter
  6. Murder/Homicide
  7. Defamation
  8. Corporate Crimes
  9. Economic Offences
  10. Cheque Dishonor
  11. Discharge
  12. First Information Reports (FIR)
  13. Quashing of Criminal Proceeding
  14. Private Criminal Complaints (PCR)
  15. Cheating, Misappropriation, Forgery, Breach of Trust, False Document of property Marks,
  16. Fraudulent Deeds & Disposition Of Property
  17. Theft, Extortion, Criminal Trespass, Stolen Property
  18. Public Health, Safety, Nuisance & Public Tranquility
  19. Marriage Offences including Cruelty, Dowry , etc
  20. Defamation
  21. Criminal Breach of Contract Of Services
  22. Criminal Force & Assault
  23. False Evidence, Perjury, Criminal Contempt, False Claims
  24. False Complaints & Charge sheet
  25. Offense against Public Justice & Relating to Public
  26. Contempt of Lawful Authorities of Public Servants
  27. Offences related to armed forces
  28. Election Offences
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