1. What should I expect when I hire an attorney?

  • Full and frank disclosure to client on the matter
  • Advise in best interests of the client
  • Respect Client Confidentiality and Privacy

A duty of an advocate is to fearlessly uphold the interests of his client by all fair and honourable means and we do so without regard to any unpleasant consequences faced.

2. What will my lawyer expect from me?

On the event of becoming your lawyer we expect you to:

  • Be on time for appointments and not take up an excessive amount of time with visits or phone calls relating to minor details or petty matters.
  • Discuss all the facts of the matter and not withhold information about the case
  • Bring necessary information and documents upon request
  • Notify us of changes or any new developments including changes of address or telephone number ask questions to clarify anything that may confuse you about your case
  • Follow the case and appear in court on every occasion
  • Follow your lawyer’s advice, trust him he’s your lawyer!
  • Understand that no lawyer can guarantee results in a contested matter
  • Be patient and understand that legal matters are rarely “open and shut” cases — they require time and research
  • Pay the fees for the work performed on time
  • A doctor cannot teach a patient ‘how to perform a surgery’, in the same way A lawyer being a professional cannot explain the procedural law to you. It is in your best interest to listen to your lawyer.

3. How much time will my case take?

Please understand that Litigation is a time taking task. The Legal system works on maintaining balance of convenience and providing proper opportunity to the both sides of the disputes. No Lawyer can promise a deadline as to when the case will finish. Even alternative dispute resolution modes can be time consuming. Arbitration might take more time and cost more than Litigation depending on the case. Hence, you as a client are requested to be patient and trust your lawyer.

4. Is going to trial better than mediation or conciliation?

We expect our clients to resolve issues through alternative dispute resolution methods first before going for Litigation.

5. Can you guarantee the result of my case?

An Advocate is prohibited from giving a guarantee of the outcome of the case under Bar Council Rules. According to Bar Council Rules an advocate is not supposed to charge for his services depending on the success of the matter undertaken.

6. What are the types of cases you deal with?

Kindly visit the following page: Areas of Practice

7. What are the modes through which you provide consultancy?

(a) You can meet us by taking an appointment through e-mail or phone and meet us in person

(b) For your convenience, you can opt for Web Conference facility through Skype

(c) You can also opt for Web Chat (Voice/Text/Document Sharing)

8. What is your fee structure?

We bill our clients on an hourly basis for consultation or we have a system of flat fee arrangement, wherein full fees is decided.

9. What are your appointment hours?

Mon- Fri: 10 A.M to 8:30 P.M (IST)

Sat: 10 A.M to 06:00 P.M (IST)

10. What are the modes of payment available apart from cash?

You can pay through an online transfer. The IFSC Code and other details will be provided on request.

Alternatively, you can also send a Demand Draft at our address in favour of “M.G.Kumar Law Firm”.