• Arbitration and Mediation
    We have an array of experience in negotiation, mediation and arbitration. We advise our clients to sort to alternative dispute resolution methods. Our associates specialize in drafting arbitration agreements and dispute resolution.


  • Insurance and Banking Law

The practice covers a wide range of financing transactions such as (i) Securitization; (ii) Debt Recovery (iii) Cheque Dishonour Matters (iv) BIFR Matters (v) Cross Border Transactions (vi)Banks and Financial Institutions (vii) Bankruptcy and Insolvency.

Our expertise extends to Motor Accident Claims and related Insurance Laws.
Our scope of work covers includes structuring transactions, drafting contracts and transactional documents, negotiations, advising on the regulatory framework and related issues.


  • Corporate Law

We broadly deal with:-

  1. Company Law
  2. Commercial Trade law
  3. Capital Market
  4. Company Contracts
  5. Winding – Up
  6. Amalgamation/Merger
  7. Reduction of Capital
  8. Companies offences
  9. Appeal against refusal to Transfer Shares.
  10. Registration of Charges.
  11. Release of Charges.
  12.  Rectification of Charges.
  13.  Foreclosure.
  14. Injunction against fraudulent person managing companies.
  15. Loan, Investment & Contracts.
  16. Removal of Managerial Personnel.
  17. Arbitration, Compromises, Arrangements & Construction
  18. Recovery of Company Assets.
  19. Recovery of Fixed Deposits.
  20. Prevention of Oppression & mismanagement.
  21. Acquisition & Take over
  • Criminal Defense

Our experts have dealt with Crimes in Sessions Courts, Criminal Appeals in High Court as well as Supreme Court Appeals broadly relating to:-

  1. Domestic Abuse
  2. Sexual Abuse
  3. Restraining Orders
  4. Narcotics
  5. Manslaughter
  6. Murder/Homicide
  7. Defamation
  8. Corporate Crimes
  9. Economic Offences
  10. Cheque Dishonor
  11. Discharge
  12. First Information Reports (FIR)
  13. Quashing of Criminal Proceeding
  14. Private Criminal Complaints (PCR)
  15. Cheating, Misappropriation, Forgery, Breach of Trust, False Document of property Marks,
  16. Fraudulent Deeds & Disposition Of Property
  17. Theft, Extortion, Criminal Trespass, Stolen Property
  18. Public Health, Safety, Nuisance & Public Tranquility
  19. Marriage Offences including Cruelty, Dowry , etc
  20. Defamation
  21. Criminal Breach of Contract Of Services
  22. Criminal Force & Assault
  23. False Evidence, Perjury, Criminal Contempt, False Claims
  24. False Complaints & Charge sheet
  25. Offence against Public Justice & Relating to Public
  26. Contempt of Lawful Authorities of Public Servants
  27. Offences related to armed forces
  28. Election Offences
  • Cyber Law

With the advent of IT, the world has been divided into online and offline world. Hence faces a challenge in this borderless offline world. Our firm has the expertise, experience to meet these challenging issues. In fact, our firm was one of the first law firms to have a website in India as early as 1997. Our Associates have always been updated and ahead in technology laws. We deal in IT Litigation, Privacy Laws, e-commerce, e-contracts, IPR infringement online, Cyber crimes and related IT Laws.

  • Environment Law

Our firm is acknowledged in Karnataka for its pro-bono work and especially Bangalore for  efforts to save the environment. In our 25 years of existence, various Public Interest Litigations to save Cubbon Park, Lalbagh, Jayanagar Park, etc were filed to change government agendas to
save the garden city.

  • Family Law

We address Adoption, Child Protection, Child Custody, Divorce, Inheritance & Succession issues under various Family Laws – Hindu Law, Muslim Law, Christian Law, Special Marriage Act are undertaken.

  • Intellectual Property Law

Copyright, Patent, Trademark and other IPR Litigation are undertaken by our Team.

Registration of Copyright, Patent, Trademark, Designs is also done.

  • Litigation

Our firm is proficient in all forms of Civil, Criminal and commercial litigation, tort related claims, etc covered under the wide umbrella of Litigation. Our experienced associates are spread across major metros. Our practice extends to :-

The Supreme Court of India

All High Courts in India


Company Law Board



All District Courts

  • Labour Law

• Employment contracts and Services contracts

• Employment, Labour and Services litigation

• Industrial disputes and workmen compensations

• Restrictive covenants and Non competition

Media and Entertainment Law

1. Betting and Gaming

2. Broadcast Laws

3. Computer Games

4. Film and TV

5. Music

6. Online Retail

7. Publishing

8. Sport

9. Technology

  • Property Law

Property and Real Estate related litigation and consultation is one of our fortes. We advise in real

estate deals anywhere across the world.

1. Title Investigation

2. Registration of Property

3. Deeds & Contracts

4. Title Reports

5. Title Certificates

6. Title Verification

7. Title Protection

8. Sale / Purchase

9. Lease

10. Sale Contracts

11. Gifts

12. Charges

13. Partitions

14. Family Arrangements

15. Joint Developments

16. Will

17. Mortgage

18. License

19. Succession / Heirs

20. Ownership

a. Hindu

b. Mohammedan

c. Christian

d. Parsi

e. Sikh

f. Buddhist

g. Corporate

h. Association / Society

i. Partnership

j. NRI

k. Foreigner

l. Joint Family

m. Married Woman

21. Loans / Claims

a. Banks

b. Guarantor

c. Surety

d. Attachments

e. Collateral Security

f. Recovery

g. Securitisation

22. Land Laws

a. Land Reforms

b. Land Revenue

c. SC / ST

d. Inams Abolition

e. Office Abolition

f. Tenancy

g. Grant

h. Transfer of Property

i. Town Planning

23. Land Acquisition

24. BDA



27. BBMP

28. Stamps & Registration

29. Capital Gains

30. Property Tax

31. Income & Investments

32. Maintenance

33. Service Tax

34. VAT

35. Fire, Water & Electricity

36. Environment Clearance

37. Foreign Property Laws